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Hello and Welcome to Jacaranda Beauty Room - a space where you can feel confident knowing that your'e in experienced, knowledable and magical pampering hands. 


My name is Janine Watson, I am obsessed with Skin and everything related to it. My motto is that Learning Never Ends so I constantly strive to be the best Skin Therapist I can be and am constantly investing in training with the best experts in the field.


My heart & soul goes into my work and as a result I have built beautiful long lasting relationships with clients and have helped them achieve their skin goals and made them feel so confident and beautiful in their own skin (without makeup)! 


Jacaranda Beauty Room has transformed from a traditional beauty salon to a Skin Specialised salon. I also focus on gorgeous, evenly shaped brows. It scares me how many beauty therapists can get brows so wrong! You can put your trust in me. 

Janine x

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